If after delivery for whatever reason you or your customer doesn’t like the product you have the option to RETURN IT BACK for 100% REFUND in form of Credit Note. Such returns can only be sent within 2 days after delivery. This way the business is ZERO RISK ZERO INVESTMENT. RETURN COURIER CHARGES WILL BE yours/ ur customer.


In case your Franchisee code is ACTIVATED for FREE under any Campaign then You Need to ACTIVATE YOUR RETURNS OPTIONS by

# Payment of Rs. 2100 (non-refundable)

# Or it gets ACTIVATED automatically once you cross your Billing of Rs. 20000

Maximum Allowable Returns is 15% of your monthly business but In order to facilitate our Franchisee ,in their business they are allowed to return any amount of Goods bought within the prescribed time limit.

Against any such Returns you get a Credit note for the amount that you paid at the time of order which can be used by you in future .

Note: Only Credit Notes – ACTIVE can be used in place of payment

Credit Notes are of 2 types:

# Credit Notes – Active (currently this amount can be used in place of payment)

# Credit Notes – Passive (currently this amount cannot be used in place of payment )

By default against any returns CREDIT NOTE – PASSIVE is issued, which is converted to CREDIT NOTE – ACTIVE (subject to max. being 15% of your current month business) on the last date of every month. Rest amount stays in CREDIT NOTE – PASSIVE if any which is converted to CREDIT NOTE – ACTIVE in subsequent month using same formula.

Accounting and credit note adjustment is STRICTLY done in below mentioned method only.

AS A TEAM WE HAVE YOUR BACK TO HELP YOU AVOID DEAD STOCK. The above method prevents you from getting into dead stock situation and allows to keep investment in business secured.